Talya Ring
Winter Solstice Shamanic Yoga Ceremony
Winter Solstice Shamanic Yoga Ceremony - Talya Ring

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Winter Solstice Shamanic Yoga Ceremony

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Thursday Dec 21, 2017

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Winter Solstice-the longest night of the year. What a powerful gift! Darkness allows us time to rest and recharge. It provides us with the opportunity to go deep within ourselves and discover new parts of ourselves. It allows us to appreciate the Light-especially the one that lives within each of us.

For me, Winter Solstice has always been a highly Spiritual day. A day of deep reflection and prayer. A day when Creator feels close and at attention.

Winter Solstice also marks the return of the light. With each subsequent day, from Winter Solstice onward, the days get longer and longer. In the Indigenous traditions I’ve studied, Winter Solstice enters us into the Time of the North. This is the time of deep Feminine Wisdom, of Intuition, of Blessings, and of Spirit. This is also the Time of Death. Death for the purpose of Rebirth - clearing the old and making room for the new life which comes each Spring.

I hope you can join me for this revert Shamanic Yoga Ceremony to welcome in this powerful Time of the Darkness and of the North.

The Ceremony is a mix of yoga and Shamanic practices, is accessible for all levels of yoga and Shamanic practitioners (including no experience), and is designed to help you tap into this potent Introspective Intuitive Wisdom that The Solstice is blessing us with at this time.