Catherine Ashton
Teaching to Transform Trauma
Teaching to Transform Trauma - Catherine Ashton

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Aug 16-19

Teach to Transform Trauma


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Teach To Transform Trauma is a grass roots, comprehensive three day training, certification program & Intensive that marries the emerging and developing field of traumatology with the ancient wisdom and healing of Yoga philosophy, principles and teaching to provide a powerful framework for wellness. The program and curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to trauma recovery that couples the body & Mind experience providing the foundation for implementing a trauma informed class or program in your community.

Open to Yoga Teachers, Therapists & Social Workers, Nurses, community workers, medical personnel, activists, educators and anyone effected by, working with or interested in working with trauma. The training and curriculum provide a comprehensive approach to trauma recovery that couples the somatic with the cognitive experience providing the foundation for implementing an actual program which blends a more “traditional,” supportive talk group experience with that of a specially designed yet “classical” Yoga class that is trauma informed in nature.

Learning Objectives:
• The nature of Trauma and the Survival & Stress Response
• The different types, prevalence and effects of traumatic stress
• Recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma
• Current trauma theories, neurobiology and physiology
• How our story shows up in our bodies and body memories
• The relationship of shame and trauma and why the words won’t come
• The body as the home of our emotions
• The Chakra system as a healing framework yoking the intrinsic qualities of each chakra with childhood development, psycho-spirituality, energetic imbalances and yoga asana
• The overlay of trauma and Yoga and how the healing happens
• The impact of trauma on the practice of & teaching Yoga
• How to create a sacred, safe, open and inclusive space
• How to create a mindful and sustainable experience which cultivates distress tolerance, resiliency building and enhanced self-regulation with present moment awareness to utilize both on and off the mat.
• Understand the basics of facilitating a focused and supportive group experience
• Understand the distinction between and the basics of teaching both a trauma sensitive and trauma focused Yoga class and experience that is empowering and feels safe
• How to create and teach a trauma informed class including principles of, sequencing, adjustments & language
• How to offer weekly Yoga for Trauma Recovery classes in the community, treatment and studio settings.

Join us to help transform trauma one mat at a time. Includes lecture and discussion, personal & experiential exercises and daily practice. The training provides 24 CEUs that fulfill Yoga Alliance requirements and that has been accepted for other professions. Students may wish to solely take this three day Intensive for their own intentions or may wish to complete the additional phase of certification following the intensive at no additional cost.

Suggested Reading:
Emerson, David and Hopper, Elizabeth, PhD, Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga. Reclaiming Your Body (Berkeley, California, North Atlantic Books, 2011).

Levine, Waking the Tiger (Berkeley, California, North Atlantic Books, 1997)

The readings need not be completed prior to the Intensive and the comprehensive training manual will be provided and emailed to individual participants shortly before the program begins to use in electronic or paper form.
Please bring a journal & and a yoga mat

About Catherine Ashton

Catherine Ashton, E-RYT is a registered & experienced Yoga Teacher, certified therapist, licensed healthcare administrator and board certified Trauma Expert. Catherine currently teaches Yoga full time at a number of studios in the Chicago south suburbs, is on faculty for the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Reflections Yoga Center and is the Director for the program at YoUnique Yoga of NWI. Catherine facilitates and leads special workshops & seminars as well as maintains a private practice dedicated to wellness & mind body therapies.
Catherine’s experience is that Yoga has the ability to touch our bodies & spirit in a way & depth that words may never reach, gently releasing sometimes stuck energies, wounds and trauma while uncovering our own natural healing. Catherine recognizes and has personally experienced the beauty, strength, joy and healing of the practice in her own life as well as a professional therapist supporting yoga as an integral component of mind - body therapies.
She is committed to bringing the tradition of Yoga, as well as its teachings & the healing qualities of the practice to others. Catherine grew up in California, is a long standing student & teacher of yoga & draws from her graduate studies in Clinical Psychology and extensive experience in yoga and the mental health field to provide a holistic approach to living and working with others.
Please call or write for more information about special workshops, seminars, Corporate Wellness Programs or outreach needs.