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Dana Parisi
Dana Parisi
Dana teaches multiple levels of Vinyasa, involving active, slow, flowing movements linked with the rhythm of the breath. She also teaches Restorative, in which passive prop-supported poses are held for several minutes to enable the body to slowly open in a very meditative practice. Proper body alignment in both classes is taught with cues, and encouraged with props and adjustments. Her classes are physically challenging to stimulate the body, while encouraging self-observation and relaxation through guided meditation and breath work.The yogic benefits of awareness are something Dana deeply encourages in her classes. Awareness of body and mind can lead to magical things, including a body that feels and looks healthier, and a sense of balance and clarity. This clarity enables us to see our true nature so that we can live the life that, deep down, we know we want to live.

About Dana: After years of occasional yoga practice, Dana Parisi practiced for seven consecutive days during a period of high stress. She experienced such immense physiological and mental benefits by the end of that week that she fell for yoga—hard. She continued to practice regularly and soon wanted to delve deeper. Following a year of teacher training, she completed her 200 hour CYT certificate in October 2015 at Moksha Yoga Center, and has been teaching at Moksha ever since.

In addition to her studies under Daren Friesen, she has apprenticed with Gabriel Halpern, Rich Logan and Rachel Sherron-Matrejak. She is proud to have a teaching style influenced by all four amazing teachers. Dana is also a working artist ( and loves to travel. She has taught yoga classes as far away as Hong Kong, China. She looks forward to the evolution of her teaching style through her continued study of yoga.

Dana Parisi’s Teaching Schedule

Mon 5:30-6:45PM Vinyasa 1-2 West Bucktown
Tue 7-8:15PM Restorative West Bucktown
Wed 7:15-8:45PM Restorative West Bucktown
Thu 6-7:30PM Vinyasa 2-3 West Bucktown