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Sara Brown
Sara Brown
Sara began her yoga journey at sixteen years old in her home town of Tucson, Arizona, studying the Astanga tradition. She fell in love with the practice instantly and knew it would change her life. Over the years she experimented with a variety of different styles, ultimately gravitating towards the challenge and variety of vinyasa flow.

After moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan for pharmacy school, Sara continued to study vinyasa under the guidance of Ana Hough. It was during this time that Sara came to face her lifelong struggle with addiction and found the joy and wonder of recovery through a 12-step program. Since beginning her recovery journey, she has become increasingly more connected to the mental and spiritual aspects of the practice. The practice of yoga, through the connection between body, mind, and breath, has been a powerful vehicle through which Sara has transformed her relationship with herself and the world around her.

After moving to Chicago in the summer of 2016, Sara became enamored with the Moksha community and completed her yoga teacher training under the guidance of Daren Friesen. As a teacher, Sara aims to bring every student compassionately to their edge. To explore the relationship between body, breath, fear, and ego, and ultimately help each student connect to the truest version of themselves.

Sara Brown’s Teaching Schedule

Fri 5:45-7:00PM Vinyasa 1-2 West Bucktown