The Basics/Intro class serves as a solid introduction to the practice of yoga for new students or for those returning to the practice. While focused on exploring the poses (the asanas) and providing a familiarization with the basics of how a yoga class proceeds, other aspects of yoga, such as breath work, philosophy, and meditative techniques will be introduced as well.

The Foundations class reminds students of all levels of the opportunities to pay attention to the foundations of yoga in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment. This class offers an exploration of the breath and breathing techniques, emphasizes proper and safe alignment, and is designed to give a firm foundation on which your practice can continue to flourish. As defined, a foundation is something (such as an idea or principle) that provides support for something else, or a structure that provides support for something built above. This class will provide guidance to help students continue to build a yoga practice or an intention that will be supportive as they move through their lives. It is appropriate for all students (beginners through advanced) as each pose will be covered from the ground up.