Scott Jenkins


Fascia Stretch Therapy is a table based stretching technique that balances the tension within the body. Tension is good, it is necessary to move and function.  When this balance of tension is off, the body creates restrictions to movement and these restrictions can often result in pain and discomfort. Fascia Stretch Therapy balances this tension allowing the body to move fully around joints, releasing tight muscles, and eliminates pain. It works by relaxing the body into a parasympathetic state, reducing nerve activity, gently stretching the fascia tissue allowing the body to release built up areas of tension.

Human Movement is best experienced with strength and flexibility. A balance of both is optimal for longevity. Fascia Stretch Therapy focuses on lengthening connective tissue. Most restriction is stored within the joint capsule and fascia tissue, which often result in restricted mobility and pain. Fascia Stretch therapy uses traction to gentle open up the joint capsules allowing fluid to enter and nourish the joint. This also releases the strong ligaments crossing each joint opening up extra space for movement.  Circumduction of the joint capsule will nourish the joint with fresh fluid and help clean the joint of any scar tissue or thick fascia tissue. By relaxing the nervous system and entering a parasympathetic state the tissue can be releases and long term flexibility is restored.

Scott has a bachelors in kinesiology and is a Level II Fascia Stretch Therapist through Stretch to Win Institute. With his knowledge and over 8 years experience, Scott has dedicated himself to his career and his clients. His goal is to help each client find a balance of strength and flexibility through Fascia Stretch Therapy and strength training. If you are looking to improve your flexibility, improve athletic performance eliminate pain, and reduce stress, schedule an appointment with Scott.

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