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Conscious Movie Nights

A well-made film allows us to exist in the present moment so that we can fully absorb the message behind the story and its given elements to bring into our consciousness.

Gaining knowledge on yogic perspective isn’t only on the mat or in a studio with a teacher. You might be surprised at what a movie/documentary can remind you or teach you.

Conscious movie night events are designed to gather around with like-minded people and a great way to wind down after a long week.

From contemporary film-makers to traditional directors, we selected conscious movies and documentaries that you may find both interesting and entertaining while learning more about yoga and spirituality.

If you’re seeking an indoor event to stay warm, this conscious movie night events are for you!

We meet twice a month on Fridays at Studio A and we project the movies on the wall.

So, grab your snack and non-alcoholic beverages and settle in for some family togetherness.

Find a spot for you and for your friends to watch a movie every Friday night.

No chairs or tables, we provide blankets, bolsters and BackJack chairs so you can optimize your downtime and have a back support.

What about film criticism?
Film reviews provide a useful service. We would like to hear your opinion about the movie of the week. Additional 30 minutes for film review after the movie ends. Stay a bit longer to hear what others think and hopefully gain more perspective. It’s a respectful and non-judgmental environment so disagreement is acceptable.

January Conscious Movie Nights;
01/14/2022 8:00-9:30pm – ON YOGA: The Architecture of Peace by Michael O’Neil
01/28/2022 8:00-9:30pm – I Am Maris: Portrait of a Young Yogi by Laura Vance Taylor

Let’s enjoy warm Friday nights together!


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Conscious Movie Night
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Fri Jan 28, 2022


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm