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Finding Balance

Feeling crazy overwhelmed from the chaos of the season? YEAH, US TOO! Join Justin and Keli for our Black Friday Balance / Yin + Yang Workshop

What you’ll receive:
– A two hour workshop with Justin + I that will balance your body, your mind, and your energy
– 45 minutes of ENERGY: A powerful Vinyasa practice with Justin, kicked off with our high-vibe FRUITY BEET BLEND followed by…
– 45 minutes of CHILL + CHERRIES: A soothing + grounding Yin practice with yours truly, paired with our warm + cozy cherry blend
– Participants receive a special Black Friday Coaching Offer, as well as an opportunity to save on our superfood products
– Tools + guidance on how to maintain balance throughout the holiday season!


Fri Nov 26, 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm