Agata Chojan

Agata Chojan

From a very young age, Aga has aspired to live a creative life. Born in Poland, she moved to Chicago at four years old. One thing remained the same in this strange new world– the language of art and movement. Ballet and jazz lessons from the local studio down the street allowed Aga to explore what it exactly means to live creatively. At just eight years old, Aga took her first yoga class with her sister. It was there where the youngest yogi in the room planted a seed in very fertile ground.

A seed that has since sprouted over the years – it was nurtured by various teachers, practice and self experience. Aga was first introduced to Moksha Yoga Center in 2012. What started out as an occasional hobby, eventually grew into a passion. Under Daren Friesen’s guidance, Aga progressed on the yogic path. Branching out on the path has led her to inspirational teachers such as Ganga White, Mark Robbards and Kino McGregor. As the roots grew deeper, Aga began to understand that a yogic life off the mat, is just as important as on the mat. As her practice deepened, she became an avid meditator, seeking wisdom from teachers such as Sarah Blondin, Sadhguru and Radhanath Swami. Inspired by the healing qualities of herbs and food, Aga immersed herself in yoga’s sister science – Ayurveda. Eager to bloom on the path, she completed her 200-hr teaching certification under the guidance of Stacy Levy and Erica Merrill.

Aga’s classes are deeply rooted in the philosophy of ahimsa (non harming) and santosha (contentment). In this space, you will find yourself deeply immersed in poetic, yoga nidra like meditations, and asanas specifically sequenced to rid the body of stagnant energy and emotions. Leave Aga’s classes feeling refreshed and enlivened.


A dancing goddess
With hair flowing in the wind,
Shining like the sun


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