Keli Wriston

Keli found her way to Yoga in 2010 along her search for physical and spiritual healing.

After struggling for years with the intense challenges of addiction, she understands first-hand the importance of utilizing practices of Yoga, meditation, and other tools of self-discovery in addition to using optimal nutrition as a means to heal and experience the peace that lies within.

Having explored various approaches for lifestyle transformation, Keli found her way after having a spiritual awakening on a Holistic Superfood Retreat in the middle of the California desert when she was introduced to the power of plant-based superfoods and earth-based medicines. It was at that moment that she realized caring for her body by fueling it with nutrient dense foods and mindful movement was her path to healing herself body, mind, and spirit.

As soon as she returned from the retreat, she was on a mission to share what she had experienced with the world. She enrolled in the 200 hour Teacher Training Program at Moksha Yoga shortly after and became a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Keli believes that the pace and gentleness of Restorative Yoga is the perfect place to experience our own inner peace and to embark on the journey of healing. When taking class with Keli, you can expect to feel safe, supported, and encouraged to come as you are. She uses a playful, lighthearted approach to create a space where you can take time to steady your mind, heal your heart, and connect to the transformational power that lies within.

In addition to teaching with Moksha, Keli is a Lifestyle and Nutritional Coach who lives her purpose by sharing how using a diet rich in nutrient-dense superfoods in combination with an intentional restorative yoga practice offers a sacred opportunity to experience deep healing and raise your inner vibrancy.

It’s no surprise that in her passion for finding creative ways to help others to feel confident in who they are, she’s a well-established and highly respected hairstylist based out of Roots Hair Salon in Riverwest, as well as a founding member of Hi Betty!, a trio of female comics based in Chicago.

Keli’s authentic presence reminds us to smile, to get excited about things that light you up, use our discomforts as our compass, and to embrace our own personal journeys of transformation no matter what they look like.

Join Keli for her Restorative Class at Moksha in-studio Monday nights from 7:30-8:45pm or for one of her many superfood workshops. You can also check out her offerings for 1:1 Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching on her social media @keliwriston


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