Keli Wriston

Growing up in the suburb of Lombard, Keli arrived in the city in 1999 with the intention of seeking a home with purpose, personal, and professional growth. As Artistic Director/Color Specialist, Keli has been a part of a loving and creative community at Roots Hair Salon in the Riverwest neighborhood since 2009, influenced by and worked alongside many of ‘the greats’ in the industry. In alignment with her creative passions she has also been a member of the Chicago Sketch Comedy scene since 2005, and has studied improv at Chicago’s Second City. Since 2012 she has been a part of the women trio sketch comedy group, Hi Betty!, regulars at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.

Her first introduction to yoga was in 2010 after randomly showing up to a yoga class while in a constant search for physical and spiritual healing. Having explored various styles of practice and approaches, Keli has landed with the peace and healing of a restorative practice. Embracing the enrichment of self through the power of plant based superfoods and plant medicines, Keli participates in Holistic Superfood retreat in the middle of the desert in central California annually. There, during her yoga practice she experienced a spiritual awakening and had a real shift in perception. She knew she had to lean into this path and practice on a much deeper level. Having struggled with intense challenges and battling addiction, Keli turned her focus within and learned to face those chaotic energies head-on with the understanding that a life of service and helping others using these tools in gratitude was the solution and the path. Keli has completed the 200 hour Teacher Training Program at Moksha Yoga and is a Certified Yoga Teacher. Her classes invite community and create space for physical, mental, and spiritual exploration, growth and healing.

In her classes you can expect her to meet you where you are at in your life and practice. Enjoy the gentle playfulness found in the flow, explore and experiment to find new awarenesses in the body and take the time to connect with breath, and steady the mind in each posture. Through her own healing experience she shares how the combination of rich, dense nutritional support and an intentional restorative yoga practice can offer a deep sense of healing and raise your inner vibrancy. Remember to smile, to be excited and embrace your personal journey, using your discomforts as your compass, so there’s room for transformation.

Classes taught by Keli Wriston

Mondays 7:30pm - 8:45pm

In-studio class only.


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