Luke Kosten

Luke Kosten

Luke Kosten, Certified Yoga Teacher

After reaching an unhealthy low during the pandemic Luke was looking for drastic change in his life. With the help of some earth medicine and a deep yearning, that change began to take hold. Luke came to the understanding that many of the constructs that surround us (medical/healthcare system, mass media) don’t really serve us. “It’s up to one’s self to create the proper environment for growth and development.”

Luke believes it’s important to look outside the social norm. Should I lift weights or do yoga? Meditate or do breathwork? Maybe do a bit of everything… Luke sees yoga asana, meditation, breath work, weightlifting, and proper nutrition as key factors in healthy living. “creating an environment that teaches these practices is my new dream” “I decided to become a yoga teacher because yoga (unity) encompasses a lot of what I find important, health of the body, mind, and spirit.”

Class: Wednesdays, 12-1:15pm, Foundations (Level 1-2)

Certification: Moksha Yoga Center | CYT 200hr | 2022

Approach: Fundamentals, Vinyasa, Sports & Fitness, Bandhas & Kriyas

Luke’s Haiku…
Peace is inside you
If you could learn to let go
Life could be a dream



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