Mina Fakouhi

In the early 2000s is when Mina experienced an inexplicable draw to yoga.  Over the course of the next decade, she practiced independently, becoming dedicated to a feeling-based practice using kriyas (internal energies).  She discovered when the world around her was out of balance, that she could turn inward to yoga for the connection, or union, where the boundaries between people and things become opaque, and all become one (samadhi).  The deep all-knowing sense of being is the feeling of connectedness that she embraces on her mat, and the feeling of being at home, wherever she may go, is the essence of yoga that she carries off the mat.    

Mina’s current practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation has built a strong foundation for her to express herself in her truest form. She particularly loves exploring light meditations, where she replenishes the auric body, an electromagnetic field surrounding the body that protects and guides, with creator’s source energy.

As an intuitive energy healer, Mina integrates practices from various healing modalities including meditation, reiki, and tarot, which she offers in a beautiful mystical-yogic blend of meditations and energetic vinyasa flows. Her classes will ask that you detach from this physical world and the false identities that you create around it, so that you may become one with your truest self, your soul’s purpose, and lead from your heart’s center. The Astanga-inspired sequences will create internal heat, while quieting the the mind’s chatter, so that you may feel more connected to yourself and grounded to the world around you.  With consistent practice, you will observe, as the seer, the true magic of transformation on your mat and in your life journey.

Classes taught by Mina Fakouhi

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