Nicki Gilbreath

Nicki is a reformed perfectionist who is interested in exploring functional movement through focus on individualized biomechanics and mindfulness, rather than striving toward the “perfect” pose. Besides yoga study and practice, she loves hiking, gardening, reading and Star Trek (TOS purist).

Nicki is a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher. She completed her thesis workshop for teacher training on Yoga for Hyper-Mobility. She explored what joint hyper-mobility is, how to identify it, and how to work with it. In Nicki’s classes, explore ways to practice foundational postures in a safe way that helps strengthen the muscles that support your joints. All are welcome, not just those with hyper-mobile joints!

Nicki’s chosen charity is the Illinois Stewardship Alliance. ISA cultivates a local food and farm system that is economically viable, socially just and environmentally sustainable. We envision a system where soils are treated as a precious resource, local food producers earn a fair, living wage, local food education is integrated into all levels of education, infrastructure is rebuilt to accommodate local food systems and good food is available for all.

We are thankful and excited that Nicki will be joining our faculty this Spring. Watch for her on the community class schedule in the meantime.

Classes taught by Nicki Gilbreath

* This teacher is either subbing or on sabbatical.


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