Stephani Sullivan

Stephani grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, an avid overachieving student with a classic Asian Tiger Mom. Raised a practicing Buddhist following the order of Shinnyo-En, she began meditation training at an early age which resulted in a deep respect for the foundations of inner-self work. Following the philosophies of her spiritual practice, Stephani cultivated an outlook of putting the needs of others above the self and finding power within the self through self-reflection and meditation.

Stephani discovered yoga at the beginning of a self-discovery journey in the summer of 2019, feeling unfulfilled and searching for a more grounding force in life. After years of work at an architecture + design startup and the stresses of building and leading a department, she found yoga to be the only tool that could bring calm and balance back to her life, and the challenge of the practice a more rewarding experience than hours behind a screen. Looking to expand her knowledge and practice, Stephani enrolled in the Teacher Training program at Moksha Yoga and graduated as a 200 hour certified yoga teacher.

After quitting her job in the winter of 2020, Stephani embarked on an intensive Teacher Training program at Durga’s Tiger School for Yoga and Shamanism in Ecuador, focusing on Tantric practice and the lineage of the Kaula Tantra Yoga series. Her profound experiences at Durga’s – learning applied Tantric philosophy and ritual; trauma release through Kundalini, pranayama, and QiGong; connecting with medicinal power plants, and developing the freeing tools of Shamanistic clowning – lead to a deep inner shift blossoming with love and acceptance. Stephani graduated in the spring of 2021 as a 500 hour advanced certified yoga teacher and lifelong Tiger Rider – aho!

In Stephani’s Vinyasa classes, students can expect a dynamic mix of techniques that incorporate Tantric practices with classic Vinyasa structures, including breathwork, dancing, mantras, energetic sequencing, and asanas focused on opening the body. In Kaula Tantra Yoga classes, students can expect classes that start with ecstatic dance to bring energy up, along with a deeply meditative restorative sequence designed to unblock the lower three chakras, unlock the subconscious, and balance the energies (Prana) within the body.


Classes taught by Stephani Sullivan

* This teacher is either subbing or on sabbatical.


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