Stephanie Voss

Stephanie fell in love with yoga after first becoming introduced to the practice as a way to manage stress and physical tension resulting from a demanding college curriculum. Initially drawn to the physical benefits of the practice, Stephanie soon discovered the additional benefits of a regular yoga practice, including peace of mind, relaxation and resilience to the demands of a busy lifestyle through the practices of pranayama, meditation and awareness of the present moment.

In addition to teaching yoga, Stephanie works as an Occupational Therapist, working to promote the independence and well-being of individuals with neurological impairments. She loves learning about the mind-body connection, and incorporating techniques to calm both the body and mind into her practice. An avid believer in the therapeutic benefits of a safe yoga practice, Stephanie aims to integrate her knowledge of anatomy with an emphasis on proper alignment into her yoga classes. She completed her 200-hour teacher certification at Moksha Yoga Center, where she currently teaches a Vinyasa 1-2 class. In this class, she seeks to combine the benefits of breath-linked movements together with sequencing designed to balance flexibility and stability within both the body and mind.

Classes taught by Stephanie Voss

* This teacher is either subbing or on sabbatical.


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