Tawni has been practicing yoga since 2008 and has keenly focused on physical and mental health throughout her life. Growing up in Blaine, Minnesota, Tawni was active in sports such as basketball and soccer and spent much of her free-time weight training in the gym with fellow athletes. So when she first discovered yoga after moving to Chicago for college, it was the physical asana practice that instantly caught her attention. Because of her experience with sports and weight training she considered herself to be physically “inflexible” and could hardly touch her toes. But as time went on and as she developed a more regular practice she was amazed at the changes and progress in her practice and poses. She remembers one day reaching down to grab a book off the floor without bending her knees and realizing she felt no strain in her low back or hamstrings. This ease of movement was new and felt amazing! She also looks back at the first time she was able to get into Eka Pada Koundiyanasana as a huge milestone because it was something she never thought possible for her own physical body. It’s guiding yogis towards similar milestones that Tawni values most in her teaching.  

Tawni truly fell in love with yoga when she discovered the real work behind the asana practice of meditation and mindfulness. Practicing regularly with the experienced teachers at Moksha encouraged her to connect the physical and mental practices and to take the lessons she learned in class off the mat into her daily life. By developing a clear sankalpa in the beginning of class and focusing on it in challenging poses and throughout savasana she feels the ability to clear her mind of any stresses or challenges she may be facing.  Tawni also works in the high-pressure world of business-to-business sales full-time and has found coming back to a sankalpa to be especially helpful in maintaining a calm mind even in stressful situations and meetings. 

Through teacher training at Moksha she has developed a passion for bringing the body and mind connection through sankalpa to students in an approachable way that is inclusive of athletes, body-builders, “inflexible” people, and experienced yogis alike. Her goal as a teacher is to leave students feeling accomplished, strong, and clear in mind and spirit.

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