Mira Binzen Children's Yoga Specialty Training
Mira Binzen

Location: Moksha Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60642.

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Designed for busy people like you, this Children's Yoga Specialty training schedule gives you the unique opportunity to get your Children's Yoga Specialty Certification by attending just one weekend a month. No weekdays required! Each day begins with a fun, child-focused theme-based practice. You get to practice just as the children do so you have an experiential understanding of the techniques and the flow of a class. We then explore the principles behind the practice so you know why and how to teach this to others.

The training also includes interactive, small group experiences to help you refine your understanding and benefit from the varied experiences of the vibrant group of like-minded participants. You’ll be studying side-by-side with moms, yoga teachers, school teachers, counselors, therapists and other health care professionals a.k.a Infinite Pool of Wisdom.

You will also get a chance to get your feet wet and teach what you are learning in a supportive and relaxed environment. Included in this process is an effect feedback process we have refined over the years. We offer free children’s yoga classes to the community during our training so you'll see “live classes” as part of your experience.

This training will teach you:

  • Sound Child Development Principals. When you understand where a child is at developmentally – cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual - you can plan a practice that is safe and engaging while meeting each child’s needs
  • Sensory Integration. Each child responds to the world based on how it is perceived through the senses. Learn what sensory integration is and how it influences a child’s mood, behavior and ability to learn.
  • Cooperative Classroom Strategies. Learn how to recognize the need behind the behavior and rather than giving consequences for disruptive behavior, learn to meet the need behind the behavior.
  • Yoga Nidra. You will learn how to deliver this practice to children – one of the most effective practices from the yoga tradition to help children learn to self-regulate and develop self-mastery.
  • Personal Practice. There is no nurturing anyone until you have nurtured yourself. Develop or transform your personal practice to become a deep well of energy, inspiration and calm.
  • Lots of Yoga Techniques! You will learn a catalog of techniques – breathing, postures, relaxation, mudras, meditation and more – all designed to be safe, engaging and effective for each child’s developmental need.
  • Fun! When was the last time you got to gather with a group of amazing people to laugh and play for days? All of the philosophy and technology in our comprehensive training is grounded in experiential learning and when it comes to kids, that means FUN!

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About Mira Binzen

Mira Binzen, E-RYT, RCYT, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1991 with a degree in child psychology. She received her teacher’s training certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India in 1999. She is certified to teach both children and adults, and is registered at the 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance. Before moving to Chicago, Mira was a yoga therapist with the Integrative Medicine Program at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital and has been teaching classes to children, families and adults for many years. For her, the heart of yoga is discovering the self through joy and laughter. Her education, experience, and deep commitment to improving the lives of children and families are combined to create a training program of the highest quality.