Here are some points of etiquette to help everyone enjoy their class

  • Turn cells phones off and put them away
  • Remove shoes and leave them in the lobby
  • Do not wear perfume, cologne, or scented lotions
  • When chatting with your friends before class, use a quiet voice
  • Share space with your neighbors
  • Put props away neatly
  • Arrive early to set up your mat
  • Inform the teacher if you are pregnant

Only Sattvic foods are allowed at Moksha Yoga...

Sattva is defined as the quality of purity and goodness. Sattvic food is that which is pure, clean and wholesome. A sattvic diet is food that gives life (prana), strength and energy. Sattvic foods are foods with the qualities of organic, fresh, whole, local, seasonal, and sustainable. These foods include...

  • grains, legumes (beans), vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds
  • organic milk and milk derivatives (ghee, also butter, yogurt, and paneer)
  • raw honey

Foods not allowed in the studio...

  • meat, fried foods, alcohol
  • avoid strong smelling foods (onions, eggs), sugary foods, foods laced with chemicals and preservatives, hormones and antibiotics, avoid GMO's!