5 Key Breathing Techniques

By Daren Friesen

As one of my teachers said, there is no correct way to breath, but there are alot of incorrect ways. Here are some of the recommendations from our lineage and practice that we find useful to refine your breathing during…

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Classical Yoga: A 4-Part Solution

By Steven Schroeder

These days just about anything is marketed as “yoga”. You may have heard of “goat yoga”, doing yoga postures with an animal walking on your back. Perhaps you like to drink alcohol. Quench your thirst with some “beer yoga”. Do…

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My Favorite Class

By Vicki Tsafogiannis

My Favorite Class: My Guide to a Great Class for Teachers and Students My favorite yoga class I have ever been to was one of my own.I know that sounds very conceited, but it is true. I believe that once…

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Owning Your Dosha: Implications, Effects and Opportunities of Each Body Constitution

By Kayla Mae Anderson

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” —Lao Tzu “What’s your dosha?” If you don’t already know the answer to that increasingly mainstream question, visit this website to take a dosha quiz and determine your body type. Thanks…

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You Look Stupid and Nobody Cares: Reassurances and Tips for the New Practitioner

By Katie Thomas

Here’s the thing: I actually think you look beautiful and I care deeply. I’m not a cynical curmudgeon, but in fact a warm, positive yoga instructor who happens to have a sense of humor. I want you to stop talking…

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Get Your Mind Right: Using Meditation in the Classroom

By Janine Knill

Taft High School student Laura K. used classroom meditation techniques as preparation for testing. “The relaxation meditation made a big difference because it calmed me down,” she said. “It gave me enough patience to read the passage and answer the…

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Yoga & Self-Acceptance

By Alexia Bauer

In Pema Chodron’s book “When Things Fall Apart,” she writes, “It is said that we can’t attain enlightenment, let alone feel contentment and joy, without seeing who we are and what we do, without seeing our patterns and our habits.…

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