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Daren Friesen
Daren Friesen
Daren Friesen is the director and founder of Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago which is the largest yoga center in the Midwest. An enthusiastic student and passionate teacher, his challenging style of vinyasa flow incorporates asana, pranayama, mudras, bandhas, and kriyas. Having studied with renowned teachers in the states and masters and gurus in India, Daren encourages students to use traditional elements and techniques to overcome the pull of opposites (duality) and to develop one-pointed attention. Through one-pointed attention, one discovers the keys to accessing true health and vitality. Daren’s classes offer provocative insights and opportunities for personal growth through his unique blend of a classical yet innovative approach to practice.

Daren Friesen’s Teaching Schedule

Tue 6-7:15PM Vinyasa 2-3 West Bucktown
Wed 5:30-8:30PM 500hr Teacher Training West Bucktown
Thu 10:00-11:30AM Ayurvedic Flow 1-2 West Bucktown
Sun 10:00AM-11:15AM Vinyasa 2-3 West Bucktown