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Grounding: Healing by Connecting to the Earth

Grounding: Healing the Body, Mind and Soul by connecting to the Earth

Grounding is the act of connecting ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually to the present moment through the healing powers of the earth. In the ancient times, it was common to live in close contact with the earth, to walk barefoot and to sleep on the ground. As civilizations progressed, our connection to the natural world has subsequently diminished. As we live more isolated and stressful lives, there is a growing sense of disconnection from one another and the world around us. Anxiety, depression, fear responses and stress-based physical ailments have become very common. The onset of pandemics, political and economic uncertainties, and social polarization are all contributing further to this sense of disconnection. So, cultivating a grounding practice has become very essential in these times, to assuage our fears and find the way back to our reality.

In this class, we’ll discuss some common symptoms which can be indicative of not being grounded and present. We’ll discuss ground techniques using the natural elements. We’ll go over an exercise to practice grounding through the 5 senses – vision, smell, taste, sound and touch, and recognizing the sense that we most connect with. We’ll also practice breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asanas) and a grounding meditation.

This workshop hopes to offer participants some tools that they can use in their journey of self-exploration and teasing out a grounding practice that may work best for them.

About Sreedevi

Born in Bombay, India, Sreedevi is academically trained in analytical fields and pursues her interest in the creative arts through varied platforms of self-expression including writing, painting, and music. She enjoys connecting with nature through hikes, nurturing plants and the study of natural history.

Growing up in India, exposure to some fundamental yogic practices was common. However, her interest in developing a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection was more recent and coincidental as she felt a personal need to better manage stress and live a purpose-driven life. To that end, she joined the 200-hour yoga teacher training certification program at Moksha Yoga and started pursuing various yoga and wellness workshops through Yoga Vidya Niketan of Bombay and other healing circles.

In her teaching classes, Sreedevi offers a balanced approach, drawing on global concepts of dealing with the human condition and listening to the physical cues our body offers to develop self awareness.


Donations for this workshop will go to the Salt & Light Coalition

Salt & Light Coalition is a grassroots movement that mobilizes individuals and organizations to heal, educate, and empower youth and women in the fight against slavery.

Please see our Covid safety policies before attending.


Sun Nov 22, 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm