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Cacao Ceremony

In this workshop, we will come together to open our hearts fully and expand into our highest selves. Working with Ceremonial Cacao, Biodynamic Breathwork, Guided Meditation and Dancing you will be led on a journey to connect deeply with yourself, your truth and one another. You will experience new depths of letting go and letting love in.
Ceremonial Cacao enables you to go deeper while letting go and opening your heart to new possibilities. The theobromine in Cacao stimulates your heart center and combined with Biodynamic Breathing, increases the flow of oxygen through your body on a cellular level. This supports clarity and self-awareness, dissolves blockages and releases anything emotionally “stuck” or frozen. Cacao resonates at the frequency of the heart and can awaken our connection to our emotional and energetic bodies.
Biodynamic Breathwork combines deep connected breath with movement, sound and touch to release tension stored deep within the muscles and fascial tissue in your body. This Breathwork  helps us to process, release any unaware tensions and experience a loving expansion due to this new space we are creating.
You will walk out of this workshop feeling expansion through your heart space and whole body, greater levels of self-awareness and profound healing.
$55 Preregister
$65 Day of Registration


Sat Dec 5, 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm