Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremonies are traditionally celebrated in South American cultures on or near the Full Moon, which typically involve movement, intention setting, and consuming ceremonial grade raw cacao. Join Ashley and Keli as we welcome the Feminine Flow of upcoming winter solstice by honoring and channeling the energy of Lakshmi, Deity of wealth, beauty, fertility + good fortune. The eclipses this fall have invited us to start fresh and shed limiting beliefs and stagnant energy.

Gift yourself a healing and heart opening experience using the powerful properties of cacao consumed in a sacred space to release negative energy and move forward with the empowering and sacred energy of Lakshmi and other abundant goddesses. Ashley and Keli will interweave the healing aspects of meditation, restorative yoga, essential oils, and oracle/affirmation cards and sipping raw cacao for a liberating, intimate and unique ceremony appropriate for those experienced or new to the practice.

We’ll start with meditation, breath work and restorative yoga inspired by the intention to dream big, embrace our inner goddess and manifest abundance. Then sitting in a circle, we’ll use music, essential oils, a burning ritual and oracle cards to continue to manifest our intentions. Finally, we’ll close the ceremony by drinking the raw cacao in unity to absorb it’s amazing nutritional, emotional and heart-opening benefits which will manifest long after the workshop! Then end the evening with a healthy, high vibrational cacao-infused treat!

Optional: come with an intention on what you are releasing and abundance you are welcoming (or allow this to manifest during the ceremony) along with any crystals or journals if you feel called to bring. All experience levels and ages are welcome =)


Sat Dec 3, 2022


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm