Lunar Reset: Full Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath

Full moon ceremonies are an ancient practice that tether us to the natural cycles of the earth and its ruling bodies. As the moon blooms this May for the Flower Moon, join us to honor this time of awakening, release, and renewal. Natalie Chevalier and Meghan Rutledge will guide you through an energetic reset to cycle out the ways of the past that are no longer serving you and reignite your creative fire so you can blossom. This 2 hour ceremony and practice will include:

✿ Guided meditation: in order to let our guard down and get fully intune with our authentic self, we will lead you through a visualization meditation.

✿ Tea ceremony: we will take the time to connect to Mother Earth and all her gifts with an intentionally created tea from The Feral Herbalist.

✿ Journaling: it’s time to let it all go! Add to our ‘burn bowl’ or just journal about what you want to leave behind as you forge ahead to more positive ways of being.

✿ Group Flower Mandala: as we practice letting go, we are reminded of what we are making space for. We will create a group flower mandala representing all the things we want to see ‘bloom’ in our lives.

✿ Yoga Flow: as the flower must be strong and resilient to break through to the surface, so too must we build confidence and determination to start new things. We will guide you through a 60 minute practice connecting you to your authentic warrior.

✿ Healing Sound Bath: after our asana practice, we will nourish your soul with a sound meditation, featuring crystal bowls, native American flute, and other percussion instruments.

While loving yourself truly and wholly seems to be a revolutionary act these days, we aim to bring everyone closer to a state of hopefulness and inner contentment through these intentional practices. All bodies welcome.

What to bring with you:
✿ A journal if you would like to write during the ceremony
✿ Any added layers of comfort you would like to use during our sound bath!
✿ We will be snapping a few photos so let us know if you prefer your photo not to be used.



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Sat May 25, 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm




Moksha Yoga Center
2528 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647