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Superfood Social

The Superfoods Social is being organized so people can come & connect with other like-minded individuals. To create community along with health awareness, physical health as well as mental health. We want to share our personal experiences of transformation with others in order to inspire change! To show people that change for the best is at every single person’s disposal. To show people how to get YOUR biology to work FOR you & NOT against you! To have your biology work for you using the tools of nutrition PLUS yoga! So you create the conditions needed to experience growth & transformation. Join us for connection, superfoods, yoga, & much more!

Sample some of the world’s BEST superfood products to fuel your body & mind. Discover how different types of foods that we consume have a direct effect on our mental health as well as our physical health. We’ll learn about the body’s stress response & how living in a state of stress blocks growth making it difficult for change to occur naturally & effortlessly in our lives. Discover why change is nearly impossible while living in a constant state of stress, how stress is really effecting you, & the correlation between stress & our mental health.

We will share with you how to create the conditions required for success! How our physical and mental health impacts our emotional state, which leads to our behaviors, the actions we take (or not take), & our habits. You’ll learn how to create new habits and how to actually make them permanent, not just temporary.

Then, we will implement the practice of yoga and how this ancient spiritual practice can transform you life! How yoga creates stability & balance. How nutrition combined with yoga will allow you to live to thrive & not live just to survive.

You will leave feeling much more confident with a sense clarity as to how to take charge of your health & set yourself up for success!

Most importantly, WE want to know what it is that you need? Where are you at on your health journey? And how can we be of better service to you & your needs!

We will close the event out with a yoga practice to relax, restore, & detox the body as well as our mind.

Join Anna & Keli Saturday, Oct 23rd at 6:30 p.m.We just ask for a minimum $10 donation that goes towards the studio:)



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Sat Nov 27, 2021


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm