Ryan Love

Born in Kansas City, Ryan comes from certifiable Midwestern stock, graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Seeking to reconcile the inherent violence of society with the paradoxical teachings of sages throughout the ages, Ryan turned to Zazen, as a means to break away from destructive thoughts of self hatred and substance abuse. He felt his studies lacked a deeper means for explaining the whole of human experience. So he shifted his focus to yoga. Spending his free time in the ardent pursuit of yogic Kriya (transformative tools) and Sadhana (individualized practice using these tools), Ryan’s classes are inspired by these tools and his practice. Ryan is also an avid reader and iconoclastic scholar of the humanities and great works of fiction and poetry. He is also an avid hiker and budding botanist, practicing the art of flower arrangements with indigenous wild flowers of the prairie. 

Turning to the traditions of Classical Yoga, Ryan intently began practicing modern Vinyasa, Viniyoga, Astanga, and studying the history and kaleidoscopic schools and traditions of yoga. Finding a kindred spirit in the Classical Tantric tradition, his rebellious and staunchly independent anti-dogmatic approach to the individual as a portal to understanding our profound interconnectedness has led him to wholeness.

In Ryan’s classes you will experience a blend of ancient and modern techniques as structured by the wholeness of yogic practice. Ryan focuses on the cultivation of inner wisdom, using Darhana (concentration techniques) and Ahimsa (non-violence) as core philosophical principles of practice. His classes contain a sequence of kriya, pranayama, along with vinyasa practices followed by meditation that deploys the use of visualization and the emotional cultivation of self compassion. Through self study and utilizing the true and tested tools of presence, compassion, and kriya, we break free of cycles of pain and regression to find peace and our ultimate potential.

Certification: Moksha Yoga Center | Certified Yoga Teacher | RYT200 | 2022

Charity: Environmental Defense Fund







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