Yoga Alchemy: Transform Stress & Optimize Wellbeing!

Taught by Anna Prana

Do you consistently experience stress? Are you sick of feeling stressed out, unmotivated, overwhelmed, confused? Do you experience burn out that completely slows you down? Are you ready to break free from the cycle of “stress to burn out” and transform your energy? Then join this transformative workshop that will show you how to transform stress, alchemize emotions, and unleash your infinite potential!

Embark on an immersive journey in this interactive workshop as we delve deep into understanding the profound impact that stress has on our physical, mental, and emotional health! Through a dynamic blend of engaging group discussion and experiential exercises—including invigorating yoga asanas & breath work, grounding mindfulness & meditation, transformative guided hypnosis, and rejuvenating energy work that takes us out of “fight, flight, freeze” and into “stay, play, & move”! 

Experience powerful energetic shifts, taking you from stressed out to blissed out! Yoga is a POWERFUL spiritual practice, these tools elevate & expand our states of consciousness, completely transforming our being, at the subconscious level! (if you understand how to use it for this) With Anna’s authentic experience, you’ll learn how to use the tools of yoga along with other holistic modalities, to specifically eradicate stress, optimize overall health, elevate consciousness, & overcome limiting beliefs to cultivate deeper self awareness, embody confidence, clarity, & your Divine essence! (highest self)

In this workshop, you will…

  • Learn to understand how stress really affects our overall health, wellbeing, & how to reverse the cycle!
  • Discover some of the most powerful yogic tools, somatic practices, energetic techniques and other holistic modalities to transform stress so you can embody the new skills that propel you to grow & evolve consciously!
  • Uncover the conscious/subconscious mind and how to work at the subconscious level for the most effective results!
  • Develop an understanding of what false limiting self beliefs are and how our beliefs create our reality influencing our overall health/wellness!
  • Learn how our diet can either elevate or hinder our consciousness & health!
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual practice of Yoga, learning to harness its potential to “reprogram” our mind and optimize overall wellbeing! 
  • Experience expanded states of consciousness & how to tap into flow states of mind to increase things such as wellbeing, creativity, focus, concentration, confidence, motivation, & the ability to LEARN new things QUICKLY by up to 500% more!
  • and more…😉

Anna’s authentic approach creates a fusion of ancient spiritual teachings & wisdom, & sciences with modern day practicality, drawing from her own personal experiences. Anna battled with childhood trauma, hard drug addiction, chronic stress, and even experienced being homelessness at one point! Using the practices she teaches along with understanding how it affects our biology, Anna was able to “reverse engineer” her way from drug addiction, chronic stress, & depression into passion, pleasure, & productivity! Creating a fusion of the MOST powerful & effective tools to un learn, relearn, & learn (to understand) a new way of life, embodying the confidence & clarity to live a life in alignment with her most Divine Self!

Today, Anna Prana is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Yoga Teacher, working with driven yet frazzled individuals, “reprogramming” & expanding states of consciousness to eradicate limiting beliefs and embody confidence, clarity, & their Divine essence! 

Register today to begin embodying a path toward vitality, pleasure, and passion instead of stress!


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Sat Aug 24, 2024


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Moksha Yoga Center
2528 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647