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Thesis: Yoga, Movement, Releasing & Healing

In this transformative yoga class, we invite you to embark on a journey towards healing and reclaiming your body’s innate resilience. Ariel’s class is a compassionate and empowering practice that guides you through a process of releasing and transforming trauma stored within your body.

Led by Ariel, this class offers a safe and nurturing space where individuals can explore their body’s responses to trauma and release the emotional and physical imprints that may have been held for a long time. Through a combination of yoga postures, breathwork, guided meditation, and mindfulness techniques, you will learn techniques to release trauma and cultivate a sense of inner calm, empowerment, and self-compassion.

This class is open to all levels, including beginners. No prior experience with yoga or trauma recovery is necessary. Each class will be adapted to accommodate individual needs and sensitivities, promoting a gentle approach to self-exploration and healing.

The session will begin with a body scan and mantras to foster a sense of safety and grounding. We will then move through a series of asanas, focusing on releasing tension and stored trauma in the body. Ariel will offer modifications and variations to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and supported. Throughout the class, emphasis will be placed on breath awareness, creating a deep connection between mind and body. The practice will conclude with a guided meditation or deep relaxation, allowing for integration and a sense of calm.

Benefits of Trauma Release Yoga:
– Release stored trauma and emotional imprints
– Improved body awareness and connection
– Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
– Enhanced resilience and emotional well-being
– Improved self-regulation skills
– Increased self-compassion and self-acceptance

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or feel free to use Moksha community mats.

Join Ariel for her thesis project on Yoga for trauma release and embark on a path of transformation, healing, and empowerment. This class will give you a sense of support you as you release the weight of the past and embrace a brighter, more liberating future.

Donations will be given to Ariel’s chosen charity…

Mujeres Latinas En Accion | Since 1973, Mujeres Latinas en Acción is the longest standing Latina-led organization in the nation. Over the years we have honed our offerings including community services that empower Latinas and their families, and supports them as they heal, and thrive within our programs.



Sat Feb 17, 2024


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm