Transforming Experience into Understanding and Insight
Wisdom and understanding from within requires the student to not only expand inner awareness and trust of intuition, but also to gain practical experience in the art and science of yoga in a variety of situations and venues:


Training Classes: These classes are the foundation of the training program, mandatory and required for certification. Integral to the learning process, these classes are multi-dimensional and include practice and theory of asana, pranayama, meditation, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, history and philosophy. The format of the class is structured to include practice, hands-on adjustments, lecture, discussion, Q&A, and quizzes. Guest teachers may also be asked to present during these times. Make-up Policy: For all absences, schedule a make-up for each class missed.

Practice Classes: Trainees are required to attend at least 2 classes per week, preferably at Moksha Yoga. A minimum of 50 practice classes is required for certification.

Daily Practice: Please take 15-20 minutes daily to practice the poses and pranayamas that you learned in class.

Review/Make-up Sessions: Please bring the topic or lesson that you missed to the make-up along with your questions and inquiries. The format will follow the training class structure.

Teaching Methodology

Apprenticeship: Trainees choose a teacher of his/her choice to observe, adjust, and assist. Each teacher is unique in the way to engage the trainee. Some teachers have the trainee teach one pose in each class. Other teachers spend a few minutes after class to review and critique any adjustments given. Some teachers are hands-off and allow the trainee to use this component as self-study. In addition to adjusting students in poses, trainees are expected to distribute and collect props, follow the teacher's instructions, and assist in any way deemed appropriate.

Video Review: One of the unique aspects of the Moksha training program is the Intro to Yoga series. Each trainee teaches a portion of the the class in 20-30 minute sections. This series is offered to our community as an introduction to the basics and fundamentals. Each class includes asana, pranayama, meditation, and some yoga theory. These classes are videotaped, then watched and reviewed immediately following the class. Past trainees have found this experience the most essential aspect in developing confidence in one's teaching and improving all aspects of one's class presentation.


Community Class: Once the video review is completed, each trainee is required to teach 8 community classes for certification, which are basic/foundation (level 1) classes offered to the community at no charge. This class is a bridge between the supervised teaching experience of the Video Review and teaching on your own. You may co-teach with another trainee. Trainees are responsible for signing up for the class in advance, planning, and teaching.

Private Class: Teach 1 private lesson sessions. This experience helps you to learn how to individualize a class for a specific person.

Philosophy & Lifestyle

Sutra Study: This class will cover select sutras from the ancient treatise by Patanjali, outlining classical yoga philosophy. Many sutras will be covered in the training classes too.

Master Teacher Roundtable (MTR): One of Moksha Yoga Center's greatest assets is our relationship with a variety of the country's most respected master teachers in various methods and styles. Our master teachers will be asked to speak in special 1-hour sessions that will be held on select weekends. The topics include the presenter's teaching background, key teaching qualities to possess, and issues related to the teacher/student relationship. A short Q&A will follow. Come prepared to ask any questions you may have related to teaching.

Ayurveda: Ayurveda is yoga's sister science. Coursework will include the fundamentals of Ayurveda including key concepts, doshas, nutrition and lifestyle elements.

Yoga Business Course: This course is designed to inform and educate the teacher how to plan, market and promote one's services to yoga centers, health clubs, and corporations. Payrates for group and private classes and will be discussed, marketing materials and ideas are presented, and business plans and structures are reviewed. This class is offered twice per year in Chicago.

Non-Contact Hours

Homework: Svadyaya or self-study of the ancient texts and knowledge of yoga is mentioned throughout the classical texts on yoga. A thorough and complete course manual along with online resources of articles, photos, and charts/graphs supplement the training classes. Quizzes & Tests: Throughout the training, in-class, take-home, and pop quizzes will be given to encourage study and digestion of the material.

Thesis Project: A unique requirement of Moksha Yoga's unique program, the thesis project is one of the most interesting and fun aspects of the training. As yoga is a living and changing practice, students are asked to contribute to this evolution. Each student chooses a topic of his/her choice, completes research and study, and presents a thesis project in the form of a class, workshop, report, or video. Many projects from past years have become a career for some trainees.

Book Reviews: Read one of the most important books for teachers, Aadil Palkhivala's Fire of Love. Submit a book review of 1-2 pages.

Seva: Assisting in various duties at the yoga studio helps one to see that the organization exists only with each individual's participation and care. Small duties such as assisting with office duties, washing mats, or keeping the space clean is valued and appreciated by everyone who is a part of the community. You will be asked to sign-up for a seva project at the beginning of the program. Your cooperation and zen-like mind is greatly appreciated.

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers: We will cover key concepts for muscles, bones, and joints. It's critical that yoga teachers understand the language of the body to become a more effective guide for the body in asana and the breath in pranayama.

Please note anatomy-class fees above are discounted for teacher trainees and are not included in the program tuition.

Elective Workshop

Moksha Workshops: 1 complete Moksha Yoga workshop weekend is required for certification. Workshops are taught by master teachers who often have many years of teaching experience and are invited from around the U.S. and the world. Note: Workshops and special events are considered electives in the Moksha Yoga Center Teacher Training program and are offered to all Moksha teacher trainees at 20% off. From time to time, some special events are offered at no charge.


Final Practice, Closing Circle & Sattvic Potluck: The last class get-together is a sacred sharing of one's experience and lessons learned in the teacher training course. Please come prepared to talk about what you learned and where you are headed and wear an article of white clothing to represent the purity of your intention.

Feedback Survey: Your feedback at the end of the course is used to improve the teachings, refine and tweak the class offerings. We will send you a link at the end of the program to the survey and we appreciate any and all comments.