Jessey Nickells

Jessey Nickells began her Graduate Studies in poetry and fairy tales at Naropa University in 2008. This unique school offered contemplative courses in many areas including yoga which she was pleased to merge into her over packed thesis term. When she got to class she experienced yoga in a way the YMCA had never presented it. Instead of a vigorous flow, which left her feeling empowered but exhausted, the instructor began every class with a short meditation, focusing on breath and the effect it had on the heart rate. The heart and lungs, vital organs to life, were intertwined and this basic understanding of the body and her control over it was remarkable. Yoga had offered up a way in which she could regulate her feelings of anxiety or lethargy crucial skills in school and life.

As you come to the mat you are taking time to listen to your breath and body, to the spaces of fatigue, aching or intensity. How much of ourselves do we compartmentalize in an effort to have manageable chunks of life? As we yolk our minds to our bodies a conversation begins, first soft but growing louder with our diligence. Jessey’s vision as an instructor is to strengthen this dialogue between breath, body and mind allowing everyone to act and react in accordance with what is best for them in their present moment.

Off the mat you can find Jessey at open mic nights reading poetry or at the dog park spending time with her 70 pound Coy dog. She is currently seeking new ways to contribute to the Bucktown Wicker park community with her interests in teaching, art, literature and gardening. She is a certified 200 hour yoga teacher from Moksha and is honored to have been welcomed into the community.

How admirable!
To see lightning and not think
Life is fleeting



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