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Cindy Clendenin
Cindy Clendenin
Cindy fell in love with yoga after many years of kickboxing and other high-impact exercise routines. She was an owner/operator of NAB Sports, a sporting facility at North Avenue Beach, for nearly a decade, and is very passionate about fitness, health and well-being.
Cindy initially stepped into yoga for the physical benefits and it quickly became apparent there was so much more to yoga. She was fortunate to take a class from an amazing teacher and mentor whose generous and irresistible teaching style drew Cindy deeper into yoga. Embodying a heart-centered approach, she developed those same teaching skills that her teacher used to make every student feel comfortable by supporting them through alignment-based cues and allowing them to open up and express themselves authentically through their practice. Cindy brings her passion for yoga to her students in the same way by engaging with them before and after class and by thoughtfully planning each class with a theme and intelligent sequence while reinforcing her students’ knowledge that they are their own teacher and guide.?Cindy is a graduate of Moksha’s 200-hour teacher training and continues to study with a variety of master teachers with the interest of deepening her absorption of yoga into all areas of life. Cindy offers group and private classes and is a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition health coach. She is a mortgage banker and has a BA from Augustana College and MBA from DePaul University. Cindy is also a mother of two young children and is dedicated to bringing a heart-centered approach to both family and business.

Cindy Clendenin’s Teaching Schedule

Thu 10:30-11:45AM Hatha Vinyasa 1 West Bucktown